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1st August 2018 Royal College of Art Year Book – Field Design

Pressision Print

We recently had the wonderful opportunity of producing the Royal College of Art Year Book . Designed by Field Design for the RCA MA Interior Design Course 2017/18, when finished this would be a 56 page brochure. The outer is produced from two x four page covers using Fedrigoni 180gsm Materica Verdigris, printed black Litho throughout. We sandwiched between the inner and outer covers two x four pages of Fedrigoni 115gsm Symbol Matt CYMK printed. The inner consisted of a 40 page booklet CYMK printed on Fedrigoni 85gsm Arcoprint Milk.
After we had completed the print processes, we firstly folded, collated and trimmed the individual components. Then secondly the inner booklet was centred and stitched, producing a framed border effect against the outer cover.

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