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5th May 2015 Mosaic variable printing – To Infinity and Beyond

Pressision Print

As part of our ongoing investment in our digital printing technology, Pressision are proud to be able to offer our Mosaic variable printing technology. You probably witnessed the extraordinary campaign for Diet Coca-Cola printing two million bottles, each with a unique design. Well now with Pressision you can integrate that same technology into your brochures, catalogues, magazines, labels, flyers, well anything we can put through our digital press basically.
Mosaic works by taking a set number of vector based PDF’s as input. It then generates a large number of variations by randomly transforming the file, using scaling, transposition, and rotation. It really is infinite and each printed item is truly unique.
Mosaic is now not just for the big brands, use this unique technology on your print project today to create a stand out marketing campaign.

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