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13th March 2015 In loving memory of work

Pressision Print

It was with great pleasure to produce such a gorgeous piece of print, with such an emotional subject matter, close to so many UK families hearts. In loving memory of work, a visual record of the UK miners strike 1984-85 is the work of Craig Oldham, amongst others (see website) and features a Foreword written by Ken Loach.
The 152pp Case Bound book, features a special dust jacket that we printed with coal dust ground from coal picked from the remaining stacks on the site of Barnsley Main Colliery. A documentary of the process can be viewed at
Colorplan was used for the dust jacket (Ebony), case (Citrine) and end papers (Vermilion). Munken Lynx was used for the inner pages.
Proceeds from the book will be donated to the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, to get hold of a copy before they sell out, head over to

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