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24th March 2015 Brochure Pack – Oblique Studio – Falconer Chester Hall

Pressision Print

It sounds pretty unbelievable that you could produce a litho printed outer folder on 540gsm Colorplan Smoke Grey with white foil to boot, die-cut it, make it up and stitch in a brochure section, add to that several inner brochures all with different Colorplan covers and printed using our white ink technology, all in under a week, well what about Oblique creating the artwork in that time too! Yes 19,000 words, 140 projects, 7 brochures all designed, briefed over to us, manufactured and delivered in 1 week.
Now, we are not saying we would like to do this every week, as it depleted some of our team into a state best described as “absent”, but it’s great example of our team working with our clients to achieve the near impossible when it was really counts.
A big well done to all our team involved in this project, and of course our client Oblique Studio and the end client Falconer Chester Hall

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