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23rd August 2017 Barbara Hulanicki Wallpaper Brochure – Graham & Brown

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Barbara Hulanicki Wallpaper Brochure – Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown recently commissioned Barbara Hulanicki to design a new range of wallpaper. Barbara Hulanicki OBE (b. 1936) is a fashion designer who was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is best known as the founder of the iconic and infamous clothes store Biba. Sometimes creating an impactful brochure isn’t only about putting ink down on paper and thus, we created the cover for this brochure using the flocked wallpaper designed. As a process this proved quite a challenge, however the result is incredibly effective.
This brochure thus emulates Hulanicki’s striking design style, using papers from Fedrigoni. The final outcome resulting from this wonderful project consists of a small booklet with  flocked wallpaper cover also accompanied with inset postcards all attached and finished with a belly band.
Credit: Design LSC

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